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Master of Public Administration Online – Program Overview

Lead in public service with our MPA program

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Notre Dame de Namur University’s (NDNU) online Mater of Public Administration (MPA) will help you reach your career goals in public service management or leadership. You’ll graduate with the ability to implement your business, leadership and human resources management skills across multiple industries, both in the private and public sector. This versatility will set you apart from your peers and brand you as a leader.


What is a Public Administration degree?

A degree in public administration focuses on efficiency, safety and equality of individuals at a business, government organization or in a community. Jobs with a public administration degree often include Human Resource Director, Chief of Police, Public Information Officer, County Executive, City Planner, Government Affairs Executive, Program Administrator and more.

With this online degree in public administration, students will learn the tools and master the techniques to:

  • Effectively communicate with the public or internal workforce to meet goals and objectives aimed at increasing efficiency and safety.
  • Manage a group of diverse individuals in order to deliver creative solutions for business or community programs.
  • Adapt quickly to frequent changes in policy while training and managing teams to remain compliant with labor, healthcare, safety, and environmental laws. 
  • Solve key business problems with policy changes or new programs in government, non-profit and public service environments

Testimonials from former and current NDNU MPA students

MPA student Amy WalckerAmy Walcker, MPA 2014

Attending NDNU's online MPA program is one of the best decisions I've made to further develop my career. The curriculum is relevant, interesting, and insightful. Many of the topics directly applied to my work environment and enhanced my understanding of how to better serve the public.

The online MPA program at NDNU is challenging yet manageable for professionals seeking to further develop their careers. The quality of this program exceeded my expectations and broadened my awareness in ways I never imagined.

MPA student Amy PendergastAmy Pendergast, MPA 2016

My experience in the NDNU online MPA program has surpassed my expectations in so many ways. My student colleagues have diverse backgrounds and career goals, which leads to lively interactions and broader applications of the theories we are studying. Class sizes are perfect for getting the attention needed from instructors. I have felt from the beginning that everyone in the program is truly committed to fostering the hallmarks of the University, to helping me succeed, and to ensuring I have the tools I need to achieve my academic and professional goals. It’s rare to feel part of a community in an online program. NDNU gives me that sense with each course I take. I couldn’t be happier to have chosen this school and program.

Concentrations That Align with Your Interests, Goals and Career

No matter the concentration you choose for your Master of Public Administration, you will be learning how to better help the people in your community, workforce or organization. Thanks to the online format of this degree, it’s not necessary to put your career on hold while you learn. You can complete coursework at night or on weekends. 

Notre Dame de Namur University understands that your needs are unique, based on your individual professional goals. To better support that, our Master of Public Administration program offers three comprehensive concentrations, allowing you to select the area of study that best aligns with your interests. Review the online courses part of this online degree in public administration.

Human Resources Management:

This concentration is perfect for HR professionals looking to advance their knowledge and skillset. It provides the foundation for effective management of a diverse and dynamic workforce. Graduates are prepared to pursue opportunities as an advanced Human Resources leader or a top executive in a public, private or non-profit organization.

Coursework focuses on, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Designing an effective plan to develop labor policy: learn the best techniques to build a corporate policy and apply what you have learned about unions, labor law, and worker campaigns to lower the possibilities of employee incidents.
  • Learn conflict management techniques: discover the best strategies to resolve issues and disagreements between employees and the basic strategies to prevent conflicts that may arise.
  • Effective hiring and employee development: become proficient in reading an employee’s potential, running background checks and developing training programs to enhance corporate culture and company talent.

To learn more about the Human Resources Management concentration, click here.

Public Affairs Administration:

The Public Affairs Administration MPA concentration is designed to help grow students into leadership positions across a variety of industries. Our curriculum focuses on teaching effective leadership and communication skills with a foundation in policy and public service to prepare you for a bright future helping your community. This concentration is ideal for those seeking to work in a research, non-profit, healthcare organization, or government agency.

Coursework focuses on, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Administrative law: take an in depth look into the laws and policies that organizations face in the private, public, and non-profit sectors everyday. Courses include many case studies and examples from the past and present.
  • Evaluate public policies: review present issues and examples in public administration policies and ethics and learn effective management techniques.
  • Civic engagement: learn effective skills to communicate with the media, communities, investors and employees to increase their involvement in projects and new policies.

To learn more about the Public Affairs Administration concentration, click here.

General Concentration:

A blend of both concentrations, the general concentration provides the option to customize the curriculum from both Public Affairs Administration and Human Resources Management courses. You’re afforded the opportunity to choose four courses from either concentration, so you can gain the leadership skills that meet your career goals.

To learn more about the General concentration, click here.

Learn more about career opportunities and job prospects for Master of Public Administration graduates or click here to request more information.

ACBSP Accreditation

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The online Master of Public Administration at Notre Dame de Namur University is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). We invite you to review the ACBSP website in order to gain additional context about the academic rigor and assessment required to obtain this prestigious accreditation.