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Top 5 Marketing Careers for MBA Professionals

Marketing is everywhere we look. On our phones, websites, TVs, the bus stop — even coffee cups. With technology and social media changing the way companies position their products and interact with customers, marketing and its many industry segments is one of the fastest-growing career paths today.

High-level marketing experts support large and small companies in a variety of different ways, from sales and advertising to PR and analytics. An MBA with a marketing management concentration can help set you apart by arming you with the knowledge, skills and out-of-the-box thinking to pursue the many different career options available in the marketing world. These five career paths can provide endless opportunities for future marketers.

  1. Advertising
    Marketers are in high demand on both the business and creative sides of the advertising world. Roles in media planning, sales, account management and creative strategy all benefit from a deep understanding of what it takes to position and promote a product or idea. You may find yourself working directly for a brand or at a marketing and advertising agency that represents a wide variety of clients.
  2. Public Relations & Corporate Communications
    Public relations (PR) is a unique and exciting segment of the marketing industry that focuses on customer perception and communication between brands and their customers. From press releases and social media management to damage control and major brand initiatives, PR plays an essential role in shaping a company’s overall reputation. Corporate communications often complements PR and is largely centered on managing communication with internal and external stakeholders, such as the media and company employees.
  3. Brand Management
    For large companies with a roster of different brands, brand management entails running your specific “brand” like a small business. In this role, you will likely develop and present strategies, then coordinate with a team of marketing, analytics and sales professionals to help you reach your specific business goals. You’ll also be responsible for monitoring the competitive landscape to keep your brand ahead of the curve.
  4. Market Research and Analysis
    Data is a huge buzzword in the marketing industry, and it can strongly influence or even help drive the majority of marketing strategies. Put simply, you’ll help business leads and fellow marketers better understand how consumers engage, think and respond to various different tactics and environments. If you have a strong background in math or engineering, you may be a perfect fit for a career in market analysis. Market analysts use a variety of different techniques to acquire the data they need and often help develop business strategies for future initiatives.
  5. Entrepreneurship
    In recent years, more and more MBA professionals have gone on to form their own businesses — and those with a marketing concentration are already uniquely trained to position and promote their products and ideas. The core business skills you’ll learn during your MBA program, coupled with a marketing management concentration serves as an ideal foundation for entrepreneurship.

Though marketing is a highly competitive field, an MBA with marketing management concentration can open the door to a long list of high-level careers in marketing. And who knows — maybe someday you’ll be riding the subway, reading a magazine or drinking a cup of coffee, and you’ll see the product of your hard work staring back at you.