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Career Opportunities for MBA Finance Graduates

Type in the word “finance” on any major or niche job site and you’ll see that finance roles are in high demand across every industry, from financial institutions and household name brands, to manufacturers and healthcare organizations. Take an even deeper dive and you’ll notice that many of these positions require — or at the very least prefer — a graduate degree with a specialized focus in finance and/or business. A Master of Business Administration in Finance can help set you up for a variety of positions within the multifaceted world of finance — positions you may not otherwise have been qualified for.

So, “What can I do with an MBA in Finance?” Here are four career opportunities that MBA Finance students might be uniquely qualified for:

1. Corporate Finance
“Corporate” finance may sound like it focuses only on large corporations, but in fact corporate finance applies to any financial decision a business has to make, whether it’s a large, publicly traded firm or a small, privately run businesses. Because MBA finance students develop a general understanding of every facet of the business world (including marketing, accounting, operations and finance), they are well positioned to help companies make strategic financial decisions and investments.

Roles within corporate finance may include Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) Manager, Controller, Director of Finance, Treasurer and more.

2. Commercial Banking
Commercial banks assist individuals and businesses with financial services such as checking and savings accounts, IRAs, mortgage and auto loans, credit cards and more. High-level roles within these organizations are typically found at corporate headquarters and may include Senior Analyst, Wealth Advisor, and VP of Business Development. Some institutions may offer unique MBA career opportunities in international finance and investments.

3. Investment Banking
Investment banks act as intermediaries between companies and investors to help facilitate large and complex financial transactions like mergers, acquisitions and other corporate reorganizations. They may help corporations with stock offerings, or act as a broker or financial advisor. Their clients could be corporations, other financial institutions or hedge funds. Jobs for MBA finance graduates can be found in mergers and acquisitions, underwriting, private equity and venture capital, among other areas.

4. Financial Planning
Financial planning is a fast-growing field with plenty of opportunity. Financial planners typically work in large nationwide groups, or smaller local firms helping individuals and business organizations reach their financial goals by tailoring a plan that fits their needs. As advisors, they help establish retirement plans, investment portfolios and may even help with estate and tax planning.

Jobs for MBA finance graduates may include Financial Manager, Financial Analyst, Wealth Advisor and Personal Finance Advisor.

Career opportunities for MBA Finance graduates exist in almost every industry and any size company. Because they’re often highly specialized positions, you’ll find them both online and offline through specialized executive recruiters. An MBA in Finance can help give you a competitive advantage as you find your place in the financial industry.