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Early one morning as I click the light on in my office I hear, “If it’s too good to be true, it isn’t true. That’s your motto isn’t it?”

It’s quite common to have both a savings account and a credit card balance, as the money in the savings account provides a sense of security. The debt is seen as a different thing that is either ignored or avoided when thinking about personal wealth. This is generally a bad idea. Here’s why.

Even though I couldn’t eat another bite, when the door of the restaurant cracked open and the hot blast of pollution mixed with the cool, air-conditioned, restaurant air, I immediately considered going back in for dessert. But before I could say rambutan, Mike pushed me forward, through the double doors, out in front of the restaurant, where I began to sweat.

The recent economic downturn has brought the word "budget" in many households. Some feel this word is ugly and has no place in their lives. Certainly, the word isn’t associated with fun, excitement, or living life to the fullest. You don't hear it used in advertisements. It’s not a party topic. Budgeting is associated with limitations, drudgery and sadness. But that’s just perception, not reality.